Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mot Goes Bye-byes.

I suspect I'm getting to be a kook as I get older. Why? Because I've been finding meaning in silly coincidences.

Case in point: There's only one picture of Mot on the entire internet and I've been using it as my avatar when I comment at Althouse. A week or so back I got a funny feeling and I printed it out because I thought it might disappear forever. And then a day or two later it actually did, in fact, disappear from the internet.

So . . . yeah, I wondered out loud whether there was some kind of weird force that warned me to take action.


Don't worry. I'm just messing with you.

It's true about the coincidence but I don't really believe unseen benevolent forces are speaking to me and telling me what to do. Hearing voices is how the guys with the giant butterfly net and the straitjacket know you're crazy. So I'm sure it was just a weird feeling. I didn't actually hear any disembodied voices.

Or maybe I did.

Maybe a voice, right now, is telling me to tell you I'm not hearing a voice.

It could happen.

But maybe that's just a feeling.