Saturday, August 15, 2009

Garden Puppy

Okay, I lied. She is not really a puppy. She is a full-grown dog seven years old.And there is little to be gained from false modesty, so I might just as well come out and say it. She is totally beautiful.

She is beautiful, beyond belief.

Inside and out, she is the most beautiful thing in the entire Universe.

And when she dies, I will cry for years.

I will cry just like a little baby.


NKVD said...

With luck and care that dog will live for many more years. Enjoy each and every day.

Bissage said...

We have a deal, she and I.

The other pets, too.

I go first . . . of a heart attack, at home, and they should feel free to tuck in as much as they want.

I would have wanted it that way.