Friday, August 14, 2009

Totally Massive FAIL!!1!!!!!!!!1!!!!!

I'm posting this entirely crappy photo so as not to leave hanging those fellow Althousians who might have wanted to see the two kidney stones I hung onto. (There were others, BTW.) (They were delicious.)Lousy though this photo be, still it is the best I can do. You can click it for some magnification. No matter. It will remain chock full of sucktitudenousness, which is why I hate me, even more than I hate myself, which right now is a lot.

So look fast, people. And lick your monitor screen, should you feel the urge, while you may. My urine-cured cuties won't be up here for long.

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Joey said...

This is an old post I noticed, but just curious: What time of kidney stones are these? I just rid my very first nightmare-of-one and am curious to what kind?

I'm also insurance-less so taking it to a urologist is kinda pricey. I surely won't take it as doctors advice, but curious. =) Thanks if you do reply.