Thursday, October 15, 2009

Paying It Forward

There are people who make this world a much more interesting place.

You seldom get to know anything at all about these people or what they do; the problem being largely a matter of time and space.

But now there's the internet, so things are getting better.


Dig it.


Meade said...

Walking From Camera
Country Road, Ohio

Bissage said...

Meade, I believe you have linked to a photo of the being the Shawnee of the Ohio Valley called “Quipphardinnah.”

That word translates loosely to mean something along the lines of “elusive six-legged commenter of exquisite brilliance.”

How the Shawnee ever saw the internet coming, I have no idea.

Triangle Man said...

In fact there Bissage...the Shawnee (or Shaawanowi lenaweeki) had a system of communication not terribly different from that of The Internet. The primary difference was that instead of being a packet switching network-of-networks exchanging information digitally, the Shawnee would imprint a message on an animal (size of animal depends on length of message) and release the animal to wander. When another Shawnee would encounter the animal, the message would be read and a reply comment could be appended. This could continue until no space was remaining on the animal, or the animal was consumed. This is where the custom of beginning a message with "Dear" began, although it was originally "Deer", and not in English.

Triangle Man said...

Incidentally, I initially thought this post was about me but found that the walking from camera guy is way more interesting than I am.

Bissage said...

(1) That is a fascinating account, Triangle Man! And no doubt, it was considered an embarrassment among the Shawnee to be so poor a hunter that one resorted to consuming an animal that had served the community so ably, leaving everyone else speechless and at a loss for words.

Even worse was to eat an avian animal that bore your own words. Often, I understand, this would have been a large, black bird of the species brachyrhynchos. Hence, it was considered quite shameful to have to eat crow.

(2) Please don’t feel bad. Muggezifter is far more interesting than just about all of us.

What a great idea he’s got going!

In his honor, I am now enjoying a beer from Holland.