Saturday, November 14, 2009

Backyard Sightings # 15

This is Marvin.

He's a Northern Saw-whet owl.

He's claimed our Limber Pine for his own.

He doesn't ask for much.

Weezers beware.


Triangle Man said...

Owls = totally rad!

Bissage said...

Totally agree. We have a Great Horned Owl who cruises through here every once in a while. (I said who, heh.)

Her young fly in her slipstream and make a noise that can curdle your blood. Sounds like a human death scream through a Marshall stack.

Makes it pretty easy to imagine how myths like banshees got their start. Reality is the stuff of fiction, after all.

(God, I just love saying that!)

Triangle Man said...

I've seen the Great Horned in our neighborhood once. It perched on the precipice of my neighbor's roof during the 2008 campaign the evening he held an Obama meeting. I've heard it twice. Nearly jumped out of my skin.