Sunday, December 20, 2009

Little Known Facts # 19

Contrary to popular belief, Tchaikovsky was not displeased with the score he composed for The Nutcracker. Actually, after typing the last note into his laptop, the great composer let loose an exclamation that reverberated throughout Starbucks: “WOOT! I LIKE TOTALLY ROCK, ELEVENTY!1!!!1!!!!!

Similarly, it was the mischievous Tchaikovsky who insisted that the Christmas tree get big. This is why blushing grandmothers all over the world owe the great composer a debt of gratitude.

The more you know . . .


Anonymous said...

Well, Tchaikovsky may have his growing Christmas tree, but this production has a soprano doing the same thing, only bigger and faster.

Mozart didn't think of it, not having an imagination for either Christmas trees or erect sopranos springing from the stage.  But someone did at the Paris Opèra a few years ago, as you can see in the clip.

I think this makes a better effect than the original entrance of the Queen of the Night, arising as she did from a couch behind parted deep blue star-spangled curtains. Of course that gave her a chance to show a little leg, and maybe more, considering 18th century underwear, as she got off the divan, exciting audiences greatly in 1791.

Today, we see lots of legs. We're bored by them. What the modern world wants are dominating women, such as a skyscraping soprano that leaves handsome men cringing.

This being a family blog, I will say nothing more, except to note musically that I hope Ms. Dessay can peg that famous high f in the end a bit more firmly next time.

Anonymous said...

That probably should be, ..."skyscraping soprano WHO leaves handsome men cringing."

Considering both sopranos and skyscrapers, however, I think I'll leave the original pronoun.