Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tumble, Bumble, Wire and Gumble

In my dream I was Ensign Wesley Crusher, except I was really me and I had a really nice set of perky young breasts. This pleased me immensely but it was urgent that I locate a toothbrush for the cat. This is when I noticed that the penguin had ceased to function.

All of a sudden, my third-grade teacher warned me that the chalkboard erasers had become slippery and I began running in slow-motion. Someone who looked like Wally Cox (but who was really Julie Andrews) appeared as though he wanted to say something. This struck me as odd since I wasn’t looking at him but I could see him anyway.

A grand piano appeared and its keys became teeth which smiled a very beautiful smile and then I woke up.


Jason (the commenter) said...

You dreamed you were Wesley Crusher and you didn't try harming yourself? Fail!

Bissage said...

Too true, Jason.

I need a re-write to make it clear that those delectable breasts were what kept me from cutting my own throat.

Consider it done!

Bissage said...

Nah. I changed my mind.

But yeah, Wesley Crusher made me want to ralph. Funny thing though, the older I get, the less he annoys me.

(This blog post was prompted by watching a rerun of the episode where Wesley and this cute chick are the last ones on the Enterprise not to succumb to a brain-washing video game, hence the breasts. Ha!)

Anyway, they say the actor (Wil Wheaton) has a really good blog -- that he's actually a very funny guy -- but I've never visited it.

I'll try to do so today.

Bissage said...

Unless I change my mind . . .

[puts on evil video game glasses]