Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your Faithful Internet Companion Purges His Car

I still try to listen to talk radio when I'm driving but it is nearly always infuriatingly pointless. I have not yet broken my hand with a punch to the dashboard. Where I come from, that’s called winning.

I’ve been re-listening to some of my music discs. I get them from the bookcase in the bedroom where we also keep the cats’ litter boxes. It is in this way that each individual CD jewel case is also a single component of an enormous and highly ineffective air filtration system.

There were too many discs in the car, and I am about to put them back in the cat room, now that their jewel cases have been scraped clean of their powdery grey, tenaciously clinging, floral-scented coating. As you cat owners already know, that coating is a toxic blend of lung-destroying, clumping, clay laced with pulverized fecal matter and aerosolized urine. MMMM, MMMM, GOOD!!!

Anyway, the discs to be returned are, as follows:

(1) Herbie Hancock, “Mwandishi, The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings”;
(2) Radiohead, “In Rainbows”;
(3) Green Day, “21st Century Breakdown”;
(4) The Beatles, “Let it Be”;
(5) The Beatles, “Help!”;
(6) Ray Charles, “The Very Best of Ray Charles”; and finally
(7) Elliott Smith, “Figure 8”.

There you have it!

(Thought you'd want to know.)


Long Time Listener said...

Good stuff there. In Rainbows is awesome. The first Radiohead music I ever heard. I eagerly ordered OK Computer, which was supposed to be great, and was greatly disappointed. I appreciate diversity across an artist's albums, but the contrast was jarring. Sheer noise compared to the intricate beauty of In Rainbows.

Is there anything they have done that is as good as In Rainbows?

Bissage said...

LTL, I am no expert on Radiohead. Nor am I an expert on any other music, for that matter.

You see, I gave up on trying to be an expert about emotional things a long time ago. Expending the effort doesn't make me happy at all -- not in the least.

This said, I think one of the world's most perfect songs is "Paranoid Android."