Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bissage Learns to Dress Himself

This post at Sippican Cottage, caused me to write what follows:

I was a high school kid back in the 1970s. There was this kiosk at the mall where you bought a tee-shirt and they’d use an iron to put a rubbery decal on it. I picked one that purported to have something to do with the current Rolling Stones world tour. It was a flying eagle with jet engines under its wings and I thought it looked pretty cool.

That tee-shirt was something I could barely afford and I certainly didn’t have the money to go to a Rolling Stones concert. After a handful of wearings, I finally decided I was acting like a phony. Besides, the picture was starting to seem kind of dumb and it was peeling off, anyway.

The biggest problem, though, was the tee-shirt, itself. It was too tight and it had really small arm holes and I’d get these enormous, dark, smelly, pit stains under my arms the size of dinner plates. I existed in a clingy state of perpetual dampness. I had become a human swamp.

So it turned out I’d wasted money, which stung. But I learned a valuable lesson and there was a bright side. At least I didn’t splurge at that mall kiosk and buy the Rolling Stones world tour underpants.


Meade said...

Typical morning conversation clip from USDA Zone 5a Meadhouse:

1st member of party: *delighted laughter*

2nd member of party: "What?"

1st member of party: "There's only one thing that makes me laugh like that."

*thoughtful pause*

2nd member of party: "Bissage?"

1st member of party (still laughing): "That's right! Bissage!

Bissage said...

Aw-shucks, you guys are too much!


Thank you both all kinds of great big bunches!

[keeps on blushing]