Monday, October 19, 2009

Morning's Delight

Yesterday I enjoyed a great big heaping breakfast bowl of oatmeal. It was the first of the cold weather season.

Then there was dinnertime’s liberal application of Tabasco sauce.

Afterwards, I consumed a couple of Fig Newtons while watching the Phillies clobber the Dodgers.

A troublesome night’s sleep, some nightmares, and then today’s breakfast of shredded wheat.

That would bring us up to the present, except for that tumultuous event that occurred between the shredded wheat and the time I finally got to sit down at the computer to type this out.



Triangle Man said...

There are medications now that can help with that.

Bissage said...

I made my bed and, by gum, I'll sleep in it.

KMB said...

Rip Van Winkle? It's been four days!

Bissage said...

KMB has spurred me to action!